My pee smells like salmon

Similar Threads What does cilantro taste like to you? I have tried eating different things but i just keep getting this awful smell! Back to Health A to Z. Another thing I've noticed in my recent experience with this smell is that it was a little hard for me to detect on myself this time, but did smell it on my clothes. Urine can smell sweet because type 2 diabetes is a condition that revolves around uncontrolled blood sugar.
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Dental Problems

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These foods/drinks will make your pee smell, and here’s why (10 Photos)

This results in dark and pungent smelling urine. Diabetics might notice that their urine smells sweet, because of excess sugar. Presence of smelly urine in women can signify certain health-care conditions that need to be addressed immediately. When you eat an onion, you excrete an onion smell in your urine , Dr. Soak 'em in milk for awhile it'll take care of it, I have no idea why. If you were recently in a downward facing dog position at yoga class and caught a whiff of a fishy smell coming from down there, you may be wondering, " Why does my vagina smell like fish?
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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Smells So Bad and What to do About it

Some diabetics pass urine that smells sweet because of the extra sugar they have in their systems. Even after you digest the food , the chemicals that make the spices smell pass through the kidneys and cause you to have stinky urine. Is this some acquired taste I'm not aware of? It can be watery or creamy. In comparison to other beverages, coffee always shows funny effects on the pee. However excessive wind can sometimes signal an underlying medical issue so if the air around your pet remains whiffy, continue to consult your veterinarian until the problem is resolved.
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Never realised it could react that fast! The people who suggested diabetes might be assuming that Cheerios smell sweet, since sugar in the urine is a sign of diabetes. I started to use the urinal and some guy walked up and started to do his thing next to me. Tell your doctor if you're struggling to cope. Dogs have been trained to smell illness's and to identify certain illness by smelling people. If, however, you have not used your drain in a while, the water in your P-trap could evaporate, clearing the way for noxious sewer gases to infiltrate your home.
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